"Energia elektryczna jest wszechobecna w nieograniczonych ilościach i może zasilać maszynerię świata bez potrzeby węgla, gazu czy innych paliw" - Nicola Tesla (1856-1943)


Our company offers full scope of project works and advisory services in the range of renewable energy sources RES:  wind turbines, solar collectors, PV, heat pumps, geothermal station plants, etc.

Our company offers the full scope of design and advisory services, such as:

- management and development from the initial phase, through the building permit, to completion of Wind Farm, PV farm construction,

- management of projects in the course of implementation, from the design phase to completion of the construction,

- management of projects in the course of implementation by the investor,

- suggesting and acquiring new locations,

- technical and legal due diligence of the documentation for: wind farm designs, PV farms designs, other renewables projects (geothermal, hydro, biomass).

- consulting services for communities, regarding assistance with conducting planning procedures,

- conduct of administrative-legal procedures in consultation with local authorities,

- analysis of land suitability for future locations of wind farms for communities and investors,

- cooperation as energy advisor,

- conceptions of heating systems with use of renewables (RES) , thermomodernization, decrease of costs of heating,

- energy audits,

- Energy certificates (concerning buildings and equipment),

- Projects, investor’s and author’s supervisions,

- Optimizations of financing investments.

We cooperate with the best producers of energy devices and research centers in Poland. We provide selection of optimal energy solutions and the newest equipment, which allows to reduce costs of energy with use of renewable sources of energy.

We know where to look for energy savings and how to increase energy efficiency.

We work for industry, small business and local authorities.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us.

e-mail: info@trade-off.com.pl, info@trade-off.eu